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Radiation Poisoning: Not Just a Risk for Russian Politicians

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The invisible increasing threat of radiation exposure. Radiation exposure on the rise.

The recent radiation poisoning of a Russian politician brings to light a serious threat to public health. Unsuspecting Americans are receiving elevated levels of radiation, not as a result of political intrigue- James Bond style but, due to the existence of radiation in workplaces, homes and communities.

For over 50 years development of nuclear facilities, both by the government and private industry, has created a continuing threat to public safety. As nuclear facilities age we have seen the release of dangerous levels of radioactive materials into the air, soil and groundwater surrounding these plants. This is particularly the case because radiation is invisible, tasteless and lacks odor; a silent menace causing illness and disease in its wake.

The use of radioactive materials in medicine is yet another avenue of radiation exposure. Whether through use of x-ray equipment, radiation therapies or disposal of radioactive medical waste, the potential of elevated doses of radiation exists. Recognizing community concerns, the government will soon perform tests on a Brentwood, California dog park and surrounding grounds to determine whether radioactive medical waste, buried during the 1950’s, has released high levels of radiation.

Communities near Hanford, Washington, Los Alamos, New Mexico, Rocky Flats, Colorado, San Onofre, The Santa Susanna Field Laboratory and Lawrence Livermore Laboratory in California, to name a few, have lived with increasing concern of elevated radiation levels in their backyards and groundwater. The risk of radiation exposure may be invisible, but is very real; linked to leukemia, various cancers and other life threatening diseases.

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