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Los Angeles to Drain Two Reservoirs Due to Cancer Risk

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Two reservoirs in Los Angeles that supply drinking water to residents had to be shut down after officials found the water to be contaminated with high levels of a cancer causing chemical, bromate.

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power intend to drain 600 million gallons of water from Elysian and Silver Lake reservoirs early next year, a process that will leave them out of action for three to four months amid drought conditions, the department said in a statement.

City officials stated that because they are in the middle of a drought, they would try and use the water for non-consumption purposes, such as irrigation. But the rest of the water will be dumped into the Los Angeles River, which flows into the Pacific Ocean.

According to DWP spokesman Joseph Ramallo, the bromate “formed unexpectedly when the water in the reservoir, combined with groundwater, was treated with chlorine and exposed to sunlight.” He also stated that there is no immediate health risk to citizens.

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