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Boeing Dragging Its Feet on Runoff Rules

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Beoing continues to dump toxins and seeks more lenient rules concerning rocket facility in Simi Valley.

The rocket facility in the Simi Hills has played host to some of the worst toxic pollution ever known. Nuclear reactor meltdowns, toxic clouds, TCE, chromium 6 and other hazardous and toxic chemicals were allowed to leach into the earth contaminating drinking water supplies. At a time when prolific toxic polluters should be taken to task for their repeated and callous treatment of the environment, Boeing now says that it cannot comply with the rules.

Boeing wants the State Water Resources Control Board to ament a permit that allows the company to discharge industrial wastewater and survace storm water from the laboratory.

Boeing says it is impossible to comply with the rules and is demanding new and much less restrictive rules be adopted.

Critics say the rocket testing and nuclear research conducted at the laboratory for more than four decades has caused employees and nearby residents to contract cancer and other illnesses from the toxic material in the air and water at the 2,850 acre hilltop laboratory.

Thankfully California State Senator Sheila Kuehl is having none of it:

“I think this constitutes their [Boeing’s] pattern of failing to comply with even the meagerest of cleanup. Essentially, they want to overturn the regional water board and give Boeing more time and looser standards under which to clean up a portion of the problem they caused in regards to water. It’s completely irresponsible.”