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Who Can't Handle the Truth?

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“In a letter sent to Lionsgate, the organization said ‘the content is adult in nature, with overt comments about child molestation throughout.’ The MPAA declined to elaborate on the specifics of the decision”. -CNN.com 9/21/06

In an era where what is acceptable in mainstream entertainment continues to shock and amaze, it is interesting to see where the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) draws the line. On October 13, 2006, Lionsgate will release the documentary “Deliver Us From Evil.” However, what you probably won’t see in theaters in the meantime is any trailer promoting the film. On September 21, the MPAA gave the film’s trailer a “redband” rating, essentially banning it from being shown in commercial theaters. Knowing that “Deliver Us From Evil” tells the story of California pedophile priest, Father Oliver O’Grady, one might expect that the trailer contains sexually explicit language or graphic imagry, but it does not. In fact, unlike the majority of movie trailers being shown in mainstream theates today, there is no sex or violence portrayed whatsoever.

What is perhaps so horrifying to the public about “Deliver Us From Evil” is what is so familiar. Oliver O’Grady talks openly about his propensity for sexually molesting and raping young boys and girls as if it were any other common guilty pleasure. The victims and their families could be any one of us who was raised to believe that priests were men of God and churches were places of safety and sanctuary. The film is controversial because it shows exactly how a known serial child molester was protected by the church. What is damning, however, is not the accusations of the victims, but the church leaders and officials own words.
To view the trailer for “Deliver Us From Evil” go to: http://www.brittoncreative.com/dev/dufe/www/site.php?trailer=1