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The Mormon Church Should Be Less Concerned with HBO’s “Big Love” and More Concerned with Sex-Abuse Statute of Limitations

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Since Monday, there have been several articles circulating online reporting on how offended the Mormon Church is by an upcoming episode of HBO’s "Big Love."

In the episode, a sacred ritual ceremony will be performed and this has some Mormons, particularly the Latter-day Saint (LDS) bishops, up in arms. The church has always been secretive of such ceremonies, and only LDS members in good standing are allowed to participate and attend such ceremonies. Non-Mormons, according to LDS doctrine, are not allowed to attend, nor are they allowed to enter inside the temples where the ceremonies are being performed (this includes weddings).

It is thought to be the first time the ritual, in which participants move to a higher level of understanding of their religion, will be shown on TV, according to Reuters.

However, the church has bigger issues to grapple with: How will a church that is seemingly ever-growing in financial prosperity be able to handle the many sexual-abuse lawsuits that will be filed against LDS bishops and other church leaders, when the statutes of limitation are extended for victims of sexual abuse?

The Mormon church and the Catholic church have a lot more in common than just being the two biggest religious groups that supported the passage of Proposition 8, the LDS also does its best to cover up allegations of sexual abuse within the church.

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