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The Irony of AngryRenter.com

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AngryRenter.com appears to be a website that is against any type of mortgage “bailout,” however, the site is not run or was even set up by “angry renters,” rather, it is the product of conservative advocates Steve Forbes and Dick Armey: two homeowners.

The site is a front for a political agenda that seeps from their other conservative website, FreedomWorks.com. AngryRenter.com’s role as a politically conservative arm is to reach into the minds of renters and sell the impression that homeowners in underwater mortgages, whose situation is affecting homeowners in quality, prime mortgages (via depreciating housing markets, rising HOA fees, etc.), should not be bailed out by the government (i.e. taxpayer money) — that the marketplace should “naturally” correct itself. The hubristic website does not consider the negative ramifications (overall economic hardship) of assuming the market doesn’t corrects itself anytime soon. (There’s a rational argument to be made for or against a mortgage remedy; AngryRenter.com chooses to take the route of demagoging instead.) Its ultimate goal is to get people (renters) who visit the website to sign a petition to send to congress, in order to try and occlude a housing remedy. The Wall Street Journal uncovered this clandestine operation earlier today.

Overall, I think most renters are concerned with other economically precarious situations: soaring gas prices, inflation, cost of groceries, a declining dollar, and paying their own rent! Just like in ’96, Steve Forbes is still unable to connect with or understand the problems that working-class individuals face.