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Message to Notre Dame Response Group: President Obama's the Least of Your Worries

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A group of students — a very small group of students — from Notre Dame University made a short movie trailer (a la Hollywood-summer-blockbuster trailers) in an attempt to rally support around their cause and what appears to be the thesis of their trailer: Don’t let President Obama speak at this weekend’s graduation ceremonies.

Kids, the president speaking at your commencement is the least of your problems.

First, the trailer chose to quote current clergy members, like quotes from movie critics and reviews (cute), and as if the opinions of these clergy members, like New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan (an apathetic voice to victims of clergy sexual abuse), are valid. (They’re really not that valid, unless we’re discussing Theology.) Seriously, they’re not. Not unless the Catholic church begins to make a better effort to eradicate pedophiles, like Father Eric Swearingen. Once that effort has started and is clearly visible, then we can start discussing the validity of clergy members’ opinions.

Second, you had former President George W. Bush, an enabler of torture, give last year’s commencement speech at your school. (I’m shaking my head, too.)

Third, up until recently, the Catholic church fed the nonsensical belief to families who lost their children before baptizing them, that their unbaptized babies would unfortunately be lost in "purgatory" forever. (You know, because the Catholic church is vehement in its support of protecting innocent life, it just seems that the church stops caring about that innocent life, once it is born.)

Hmm… My conclusion: The Notre Dame Response Group is more concerned with women’s reproductive rights and fearful of a pragmatic president, a venerable family man, who has done more in his first 100 days as president than Bush, the "alleged" torturer, did within his first seven months as president, who, again, spoke at Notre Dame last year without fanfare. To me, this reeks of nonsense, however, it does fit with some of the nonsense that is propagated throughout various Catholic teachings (i.e. Condoms have microscopic holes in them and are defenseless against AIDS — yep, they’re currently teaching that nonsense throughout Africa and South America).

Lastly, and to be completely serious, if I were a senior graduating from ANY college right now, I’d be less concerned with who’s speaking at my graduation and more concerned with the ability to find a job after I receive my diploma.