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Man Killed by Massive Dogs

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Jacob Adam,40, died due to a dog attack at the home of the actor Ving Rhames. Adams had been living on Rhame’s property for about two years as the caretaker.

Adams was found dead on the front lawn and was covered in dog bites. A number of large dogs were found roaming the property when police arrived on the scene the morning of August 3. Animal control officers took three massive bull mastiffs and an English bulldog into custody. The dogs, the largest weighing nearly 200 pounds, were being quarantines while the death of Adams is being investigated.

“It appeared that the person suffered a number of injuries as a result of the dog mauling,” Sgt. Lee Sands said. “There were numerous dog bites all over his body, but the exact cause of death is pending the coroner’s ruling.”

The sergeant stated they were not sure how many of the dogs had attacked Adams, and were unsure of why the dogs decided to attack the caretaker.

Representatives for Rhames had no immediate comment.