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Cheryl Buchanan
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Local Negligence has Global Implications

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A recent lawsuit naming both Cardinal Mahony of Los Angeles and Cardinal Rivera of Mexico has brought new attention to the international connections in the global Catholic Church priest pedophilia crisis. Although the September filed lawsuit out of Mexico names Fr. Nicholas Aguilar-Rivera, the story is similar to Fr. Cristobal Garcia (who went back to the Phillipines) and Fr. Efrain Rozo Rincon (who went back to Colombia) who both also fled the United States after their sexual molestation of children was discovered as well. Several months ago, accused pedophile priest Fr. Michael Baker, was finally arrested after decades of abusing children in Los Angeles. He was apprehended at the airport after returning on a trip from Thailand. Historically, the sexual abuse of children In Southern California has not been merely a local problem. There is no doubt that there are children in foreign countries with far fewer laws to protect them, who continue to suffer based on the American response, or lack thereof. Bringing pedophiles to justice, in our criminal system, saves not only children in the United Staes, but countless children all over the world.