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Health Care "Providers" Dump Patients at Skid Row

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Ambulances and hospitals caught in the act of dumping patients on skid row.

In the “Man’s Inhumanity to Man” file: It’s no secret that state and national health care and insurance programs are in shambles and people’s ability to afford such insurance or care is on a downward spiral. The end result is an utter lack of preventative maintenance and people without health insurance getting sicker and sicker. Then, the inevitable happens – an acute illness or injury that requires a trip to the emergency room. But the ambulances and hospitals have figured that one out too! Just dump them at skid row and take off. No worries, no extended and expensive hospital stays, very neat and clean.

In Los Angeles last week, police witnessed ambulances literally dumping patients at downtown’s skid row. Health care providers whose purported mission is to care for the sick are leaving these victims uncared for and vulnerable in a dangerous part of the city.

CNN published a photograph of dumping in progress in its report.

“Police have long suspected that several institutions, including law enforcement agencies from outside the city, were using the downtown neighborhood as a dumping ground for homeless people. This is the first criminal probe by the LAPD into the practice.”

Patient dumping is outrageous and shocks the conscience of a civilized society. What will they think of next to save a buck?