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Forgive Us Our Trespasses

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This Friday, the much anticipated documentary, “Deliver Us From Evil”, opened at a limited number of theaters in Boston, New York, and Los Angeles. Overall, the film which tells the story of pedophile priest, Oliver O’Grady, has been lauded by critics, nationally. The film depicts not only the heartbreaking journey of the victims and their familes, but also the cover-up by the Catholic Church through the testimony of church leaders as well as O’Grady himself.

In contast to his victims, O’Grady seems carefree as he gives interviews while strolling through the streets and churches in Dublin. However, one newspaper, the Irish Independent, has been upset by the fact that children shown in the film can be identified by their uniforms as students at a particular school in Dublin. If director Amy Berg did not obtain specific consent that the footage be used in this particular film, she should have. In her defense, I want to point out that no implication is made that the children shown are by any means affliliated with the Catholic Church child molestation scandal, nor are they portrayed as parties related to any crime. Nonetheless, it seems to me that parents in Ireland ought to be less concerned about whether their children can be identified, and more concerned about whether their children can identify Oliver O’Grady.