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Brain Injured Teen Gets $7.5 Million

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A West Virginia teen struck by a truck driven by a City employee recovers $7.5 million for his brain injury, even though the City claimed they weren’t liable.

Seventeen year old Travis Dalton was on his way to a job interview, when he was struck by a truck driven by an employee of the City of Norfolk, West Virginia. Now Travis will never work due to the brain injury he suffered in the accident. And the City claimed it wasn’t responsible because of a technicality.

The city had argued it was not liable because Goodman was traveling between two of its recreational facilities. Governments have some protection from lawsuits because of sovereign immunity.

Fortunately, Travis will get $7.5 million to take care of him.

But cities, counties and other governmental entites often claim they shouldn’t pay for the harm caused by their employees. A good lawyer can make sure they pay when they cause harm.

Kiesel Boucher Larson makes them pay. Our office handles numerous cases on behalf of parents whose children have been injured or killed in automobile accidents, many of them involving trucks. We just resolved a multi-million dollar claim on behalf of a Nevada family whose thirteen year old daughter was killed and ten year old was seriously injured when a construction truck hit them. We are now representing an Arizona family whose year old daughter was killed when a truck jumped a curb and ran over the baby, who was in a stroller.

And when there are governmental entities, like cities, counties or states (or their employees) involved, there are special rules and regulations. If you are considering filing a lawsuit againts a government entity or agency, you need a lawyer with experience in those areas.