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Accused Priest still at large despite molestation alleagion

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Father Aguilar was accused of molestation, and, just prior to his arrest, he fled back to Mexico, perhaps with the assistance of the Los Angeles archdiocese, according to yesterday’s New York Times.

Last night I saw the play “Doubt” here in Los Angeles. “Doubt” is the story of a priest in the early 1960s at a Catholic school on the east coast. As I sat in the audience, watching the story unfold, I was struck by the contemporary relevance of the author’s message.

My office represents hundreds of clients abused by pedophile priests. While hundreds of our clients have suffered at the hands of these monsters, it is remarkable how complicit the diocese was and continues to be in this outrageous and salacious story. Two weeks ago, our co-counsel, Jeffrey Anderson, brought an action against Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony and Bishop Rivera of Mexico City for allegedly allowing the Rev Niclas Aguilarto flee Califonria just prior to his arrest for molesting children.

Father Aguilar’s long flight from the law, critics say, reflects the ease with which priests can avoid prosecution in the United States by hiding in Mexico, where judges and prosecutors are reluctant to challenge the enduring political strength of the Roman Catholic Church.

The case has focused attention on a problem that is not limited to Father Aguilar, but rather, critics say, points to a pattern of complicity by high officials in the church