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Trader Joe’s Expands Its Peanut Butter Recall

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The Associated Press has released a new list of companies that are expanding their peanut butter (and applicable products) recall efforts.

Southern California residents who purchased Vegan Trail Mix Cookies, SKU 22442, from any Trader Joe’s store need to be aware that the product could contain the Salmonella virus seen in other peanut products affected by the recall.

Trader Joe’s is expanding its recall of select private label products because they COULD be contaminated with salmonella. No illness has been reported. Details: by phone at 626-599-3817.

Below is the rest of Trader Joe’s expanded peanut butter recall:

_ Peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies; sold in the Midwest, Georgia and Nashville, Tenn.; 12 ounces; SKU 80871.

_ Vegan trail mix cookies; sold in Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada; 12 ounces; SKU 22442.

_ Frozen gluten-free peanut butter cookie dough; sold nationwide; 15.3 ounces; SKU 91167.