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New Democratic Legislation Calls for FDA to Investigate Heparin Plants in China

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From Reuters:

WASHINGTON, Jan 28 (Reuters) – U.S. Democratic lawmakers unveiled legislation on Wednesday to increase government inspections of food and drug manufacturing plants in an effort to keep tainted products off the market.

The measure was introduced during a salmonella outbreak traced to peanut butter and follows last year’s discovery of contaminated ingredients from China that were used to make the blood-thinner heparin.

Under the bill, food producers and drugmakers would be required to pay fees to the Food and Drug Administration to help boost the frequency of plant inspections. Investigations have found the FDA’s inspection staff stretched thin with a growing number of global products to oversee.

The legislation was introduced by Democrats on the House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee.

"Americans shouldn’t have to worry about whether the food they serve their families and the medical products they use to improve their health might actually make them sick," said Representative John Dingell from Michigan.

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