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Bayer, Birth Control Products and Blood Clots: Every Young Woman's Nightmare

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From Reuters:

Kent L. Klaudt of the national plaintiffs` law firm Lieff Cabraser Heimann &
Bernstein, LLP announced that Candice Atkinson today filed a personal injury
lawsuit against Bayer Corporation and Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals, Inc.,
for severe side effects from the prescription birth control drug Yaz,
manufactured and marketed by Bayer. The complaint was filed in the Superior
Court of New Jersey, where Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals, Inc., is located.

Atkinson, age 33 of Rock Hill, South Carolina, charges that Yaz is a dangerous
prescription drug sold without adequate warnings about the risk of serious
. Atkinson further alleges that Bayer improperly advertised and
over-promoted Yaz for uses such as treating acne, knowing that the risks of such
use outweighed any benefits Yaz may have for acne sufferers.

"Bayer promoted Yaz with the slogan `the difference a little chemistry can
make,`" added Mrs. Atkinson. "What Bayer did not disclose was how negative that
difference can be. Yaz gave me life-threatening injuries that have forever
altered my life."

"My dermatologist prescribed me Yaz in March 2008 to treat my acne," stated Ms.
Atkinson. "At the time, I was unaware that Yaz had not been approved by the FDA
to treat skin conditions for women who were not already using it as birth
control, even though Bayer advertised it for preventing or reducing acne."

"Several months later, I developed sharp pains in my left shoulder and had
difficulty breathing," Atkinson continued. "I went to my doctor for an
examination. Testing revealed multiple blood clots in both lungs. I was
hospitalized immediately. Fortunately, the treatments eliminated the blood
clots, but only one month later I was diagnosed with gallstones. I then had to
undergo gall bladder surgery in January 2009. I have suffered months of anxiety
and nausea related to these medical procedures and drugs given to treat the
adverse side effects I developed from taking Yaz."

The complaint charges that Mrs. Atkinson would never have developed blood clots,
been hospitalized, or forced to undergo numerous medical tests, procedures, and
gall bladder surgery if Bayer had properly warned patients of the dangers of
using Yaz solely as acne medication. The complaint alleges that Mrs. Atkinson
never used Yaz for birth control. Instead, as a result of Bayer`s misleading
advertisements to doctors and consumers, her dermatologist gave her Yaz solely
for her acne.

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**Also, anyone who has been adversely affected due to taking these prescription drugs should get in touch with Helen Zukin. Ms. Zukin recently retained a client, a young woman, who unfortunately suffered from a stroke, after only taking Ocella (generic version of Yaz) for a month.