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Another Lawsuit Filed Against the Maker of "Yaz" Birth Control

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From ChicagoNow:

A woman is suing the maker of Yaz birth control after the contraceptive allegedly caused her to develop gall stones.

Melissa Johnson is suing Bayer, the maker of the prescription birth control, because she says it caused her to develop gall stones necessitating the removal of her gall bladder.

According to the complaint, Yaz contains drospirenone, a type of progestin not contained in any other birth control and of which "there is insufficient data to support its safe use." The complaint states that, since Yaz first appeared in the U.S., "hundreds of reports of injury and death" have been submitted to the FDA.

The lawsuit also points out the maker’s "over-promotion" of Yaz that led to the FDA requiring it to run new TV ads correcting some of the misleading information.

Click here to view the complaint.

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