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Procter & Gamble Says Mouthwash Product Kills Germs and Creates the Appearance of Brown Stains on Teeth?

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This sounds like a terrible product: Crest Pro-Health mouthwash. Also, one would think that P&G’s spokesperson would be better off not promoting the mouthwash’s brown-staining effect on teeth. It’s something to consider in the future when, naturally, another product of theirs doesn’t deliver on its label’s promise.

From the Associated Press:

DETROIT — A lawyer seeking fresh breath says he got brown stains instead.

Mark Rossman of suburban Detroit is suing Procter & Gamble Co., saying his teeth have stains on the edges after he used Crest Pro-Health mouthwash.

"My wife asked me, ‘What’s on your teeth?’" he said Thursday after his partners in Troy filed a lawsuit in federal court in Detroit. "I flossed, brushed — it wouldn’t come off.

"I didn’t even think of the mouthwash until I did some Internet research and saw complaints," Rossman, 34, said.

A P&G spokeswoman, Laura Brinker, declined to comment on the lawsuit but said "99.9 percent" of users have not complained.

"We stand behind our product," she said. "Tooth discoloration is a very complex matter and is influenced by many different things."

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