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Paul Kiesel

Entertainer Impaled by Gate Operated by Indian Wells, Widow Sues City

From The Desert Sun:
A trial date for a case involving the death of a local entertainer is expected to be set by the end of the year, officials said.
Victor Leon, 63, of Palm Desert died Jan. 12…

Paul Kiesel

Jardine Enterprises–Baby Crib Recall

nation’s largest Baby Crib Recall

Lance Rubin

Homeowner Can't Be Sued for Child's Death If Parents Are Present

Every parents’ worst nightmare – their child drowning in a neighbors’ swimming pool. You may remember the case against Tommy Lee brought by parents whose son drowned in the rocker’s pool. The law in California used to allow parents to sue the property owner when such a tragedy occurred. Now courts have placed a restriction on the ability of parents to sue for a child’s death if they were…

Miriam Schimmel

Emergency Room Care Problems Rising

When you seek medical attention from a hospital emergency room, are you at risk for further injuries or even death BEFORE ever receiving treatment? While much of the current health care debate centers on seeking a solution to the problem of getting coverage to the uninsured and the underinsured (those who have health care insurance, but the coverage fails to provide them with adequate and…

Cheryl Buchanan

Young Hollywood, Old Problems

For whatever reason, 2007 is the year that mug shots became the new head shots and rehab became the second best way to get headlines for Young Hollywood. Unfortunately for any of the rest of you who may also be on the roads between midnight and 6 a.m., DUIs seem to have become the best way to get headlines in an industry where almost all publicity is still good publicity. When…

Helen Zukin

Groundwater Contamination Continues to Spread

Groundwater contamination is a serious health threat to the public. Toxic substances in our drinking water pose dangers to our population.Throughout the U.S. groundwater is increasingly becoming contaminated with a variety of toxic substances; ranging from radioactive tritium to trichloroethylene (TCE); to name just a few. The underground aquifers which supply so much of our nations water have…

Paul Kiesel

Bike Accidents–Personal Injury-Deaths- Lead to Road Closure

Responding to a series of major injury and wrongful death incidents along the Pacific Coast Highway involving bicyclists and pedestrians, the Dana Point City Council voted to ban pedestrians and bicycles along the inland side of the Pacific Coast Highway. The northbound side of the Pacific Coast Highway will be off limits to all but motor vehicles to provide a safer environment for bikes and…

Staff Writer

B.I.G Wrongful Death Suit Sparks New Probe Into Murder

In the wake of a wrongful death lawsuit that ended in a mistrial, the LAPD has assigned six veteran homicide detectives to investigate the murder of Christopher Wallace (aka The Notorious B.I.G.). The department has no new information on the case, but the suit filed by Wallace’s mother, Violetta, ended in a mistrial earlier this year when it was discovered that a detective deliberately hid…