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Paul Kiesel

More Bayer Birth Control Dangers

From Fox News:
Within the past year both Christine Navarro and Robyn Dunn were rushed to the hospital with life threatening blood clots. At the time Christine was taking the Yaz birth control pill…

Paul Kiesel

Bishops and Thugs: How the Catholic Church is Shaping Health Care Legislation

WASHINGTON – Catholic bishops have emerged as a formidable force in the health care overhaul fight, using their clout with millions of Catholics and working behind the scenes in…

Paul Kiesel

LAT: Headed to the Emergency Room? Bring a book…

From the Los Angeles Times:
The stereotype of hospital emergency rooms crowded with patients waiting endlessly to be seen by a doctor is true, according to a new study in Tuesday’s edition of…

Paul Kiesel

Salon: Why Loan Modification Scams are Booming

FYI: Here’s a link to a blog I wrote a year ago that portends what’s being described in the article below.
From Salon.com:
During the go-go years of the real estate bubble, shady mortgage brokers…

Paul Kiesel

Lucrative Fees More Attractive to Loan Servicers than Modifications

From The New York Times:
This week, the Obama administration summoned mortgage company executives to Washington to demand they move faster to lower payments for homeowners sliding toward…

Paul Kiesel

NYT: Safer Food?

From The New York Times:
Far too many Americans are falling ill after eating foods tainted with salmonella, E. coli and other pathogens. The Food and Drug Administration, which is charged with…

Paul Kiesel

The Catholic Church Still Doesn't Want You to Know Its Secrets

From the Associated Press:
NEW HAVEN, Conn. — A Roman Catholic diocese in Connecticut sought Friday to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court to keep under wraps sex abuse documents that could shed…

Paul Kiesel

UCLA Willed Body Program Tactics Seen at Illinois Cemetery?

As far as what’s been reported on this story, yes, it reeks of the UCLA WBP days of 1999-2003 (i.e. trafficking body parts, improper disposition of body parts, bank accounts set up in UCLA’s name,…

Paul Kiesel

Japanese Gangsters, Illegitimate Liver Transplants, Unauthorized Bank Accounts and UCLA

First, the unauthorized bank account referred to in the title of this blog stems from the UCLA Willed Body fiasco that took place from 1999-2003. Henry Reid, the former Willed Body Program director…

Shehnaz Bhujwala

Court of Federal Claims: Putative Class Members Must Opt Into Class Action Within 6 Year Statute of Limitations

From Law.com:
Big Class Actions Against the Feds May Falter

Plaintiffs lawyers say recent decision goes against more than a century of practice

Mike Scarcella
The National Law…