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Paul Kiesel

Maclaren Stroller Defect Went Unfixed for Five Years

From the New York Post:
Maclaren knew for at least five years that its strollers could lop off a child’s finger, but did nothing about the dangerous defect until federal regulators all but forced…

Paul Kiesel

Procter & Gamble Says Mouthwash Product Kills Germs and Creates the Appearance of Brown Stains on Teeth?

This sounds like a terrible product: Crest Pro-Health mouthwash. Also, one would think that P&G’s spokesperson would be better off not promoting the mouthwash’s brown-staining effect on teeth….

Paul Kiesel

California Closer to Banning BPA in Plastics

From the Los Angeles Times:
Reporting from Sacramento — Despite a fierce lobbying effort by the U.S. chemical industry, the state Senate narrowly approved a proposal Tuesday that would ban the use…

Lance Rubin

Paralyzed Woman Gets $82.6 Million From Ford

Benetta Buell-Wilson was in her Ford Explorer when the SUV fishtailed then rolled over four times. Now the mother of two is paralyzed. Her lawyers went to court and sued Ford. The jury awarded her $368 million, much of it in “punitive” damages — damages that are meant to punish Ford for their bad business practices and ignoring their own testing that showed their SUVs, particularly the…

Miriam Schimmel

$11 Million Awarded in Defective Seatbelt Case

Mitsubishi was found liabile this week for a defective seatbelt which caused the death of a 25 year old passenger in a Montero SUV.Car manufacturer Mitsubishi was ordered by a West Palm Beach, Florida court to pay $11 million to a couple whose 25 year old son died in a crash when the Montero SUV he was riding in rolled over. Of that amount, $10 million was awarded for pain and suffering over…

Jenny Albano

143 Million Pounds of Frozen Beef Recalled

On Sunday, February 17, the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture recalled 143 million pounds of frozen beef form a slaughterhouse in Southern California that is being investigated for mistreating the cattle. This recall is the largest beef recall in the U.S. since 1999.The recall affects beef from Chino-based Westland/Hallmark Agency dating to February 1, 2006. This company supplies meat for the federal…

Michael Eyerly

Possible Problems Found In Blood Thinning Drug Heparin Highlight FDA's Inability to Protect You

In a previous blog entry I lamented the steady decline of our public agencies’ ability to protect particularly vulnerable segments of our society, as well as Big Business’s ability to use its influence and power to further stifle meaningful consumer protection. For example, California’s budget crisis has resulted in across the board budget reductions for state agencies charged with protecting…

Shehnaz Bhujwala

FDA: Anti-Smoking Drug May Pose Serious Neuropsychiatric Risks to Users

The Food and Drug Administration issued a public health advisory last Friday to alert health care providers, patients, and caregivers to new safety warnings concerning Chantix (varenicline), a prescription medication used to help patients stop smoking. Government regulators believe the connection between Pfizer’s anti-smoking drug Chantix and serious neuropsychiatric problems is “increasingly…

Paul Kiesel

Beware Defective, Unsafe and Lead Tainted Toys This Season

The volume of lead-tainted toys recalled from the market this year has been staggering. Parents face very difficult choices this holiday season as they try to shop for kids. Many stores have not bothered to clear aisles of toys that are free of lead, and some stores simply haven’t been able to remove all the lead toys because of the sheer volume of the recalls:Many Chicago-area stores are…

Jenny Albano

Baja Motorsports Recalls Youth ATVs to Repair Lack of Equipment

Baja Motorsports, in cooperation with the CPSC, is recalling around 16,000 Baja youth ATVs because they do not have a tire pressure gauge or a flag pole mounting bracket. With out these pieces of equipment riders could become injured.The recalled youth ATVs include the Baja 90, Baja Wilderness 90 and Baja Wilderness 90u. The ATVs came in blue, green, red and camouflage and “Baja” is written on…