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Cell Phone Car Accident Deaths

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On July 1, 2008, Californians will no longer be permitted to drive while holding on and  speaking into their cell phone units and those under 17 may NOT operate a cell phone at all.  Both fall under and emergency exception should the use of a phone be required for emergency purposes.  In an attempt to reduce the number of traffic accidents caused by drivers speaking on their cell phones the California Legislature has voted to limit the use of handsets, while operating a motor vehicle.  A handset may only be used when dialing a number, but, thereafter, a driver may only use a hands free device or face a ticket.  The Legislature actually passed this law 2 years ago but the grace period has now come to an end.  At a time where the California Highway Patrol is operating at maximum saturation (80% of all officers are on duty over the 4th of July time frame) the new law will take effect.  Hopefully this effort will produce a decline in driving injuries and deaths due to cell phone usage.  Time will tell.